June 19, 2018
Content Management Software
What Is A CMS? CMS (Content Management System) is software that manages and stores your website content, enables easy editing for beginner web administrators, and allows multiple web administrators to log in to a single system and collaborate on updating your website. 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A CMS 1) You can update...
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Website Page Speed
When it comes to the success of your business website, many business owners skip over the important factor of website speed and jump right to the high-quality content, inbound links and easy navigation. While all of these are absolutely necessary for your business online success, website speed cannot be something to ignore. User Experience on...
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Website Usability
Website usability is not just about making sure everything on the site works well, but how quickly and easily visitors are able to make use of the site. Basically, Usability means user-friendly design. Both the design and development process are focused around the ease of users. Here are 5 key principles of good website usability....
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