Lead Generation

Does your business need a regular flow of qualified sales leads?

#1 Lead Generation Company in Dubai, UAE

Does your business need a regular flow of qualified sales leads?

Since 2006 EDS (Lead Generation Company Dubai UAE) has been a pioneer in Lead Generation, we delivers your products ads to prospective customers online. We help you get more leads from targeted businesses & help you get more website traffic. This helps your products & services get more visibility & Leads. Your prospects may be looking for your products/services right now.

We are Certified Google Partners & served over 100 companies to achieve their marketing goals. Our Digital Marketing team is passionate & believe in trying new approaches & strategies. We offer - SMS & Email Marketing, Google Adwords Advertising, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing. We focus on increasing your marketing leads.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we try to remain on top of new marketing trends and updates. The ROI from online advertising is increasing as we see our clients reap benefits. Through our expertise in online advertising whether through Social/Digital/Programmatic/SMS & Email Marketing. We assist you in increasing your customer base as well as provide you with the effective way to market your products online.

Why outsource your Sales Lead Generation Activities?

  • We will provide focus for your sales team. The role of your sales team should be to close deals instead of generating leads.
  • We will provide consistency and predictability. Our team will be able to accurately predict the number of sales leads that will be generated each month for your business.
  • We can differentiate between hot prospects and luke-warm leads to save your sales team valuable time that could be better spent on those ready to buy now
  • We'll reduce cost. Part of our KPIs will be to reduce the cost per lead generated for your business each quarter.
  • Focus your efforts on growing your business. By allowing us to take care of generating sales leads and enquiries, you can focus your efforts on growing your business.