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Reaching your customers or subscribers with a recorded voice message, rather than a simple SMS or email, can be a very powerful marketing tool. IVR Voice Marketing, IVR Voice Advertising, Voice Broadcasting

IVR-Voice Marketing

IVR Voice Marketing Dubai

IVR-Voice MarketingReaching your customers or subscribers with a recorded voice message, rather than a simple SMS or email, can be a very powerful marketing tool. Ping’s highly customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and voice broadcast system includes the following features:

  • SMS to Voice – have your customer send an SMS or enter their number online, and our system will call them right back with a pre-recorded message.
  • Voice Broadcasts – Our system calls your subscribers, or selected groups of them, and delivers a pre-recorded voice message.
  • Scheduling – Pre-schedule voice broadcasts to go to whoever you want, whenever you want.
  • Recording Options – Send us a pre-recorded file, or call a toll-free number and record directly from your phone.
  • Customizable IVR – Create a complete IVR system and route your incoming calls to wherever you need them to go.

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What is Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR?

Outbound IVR technology is a vehicle for delivering automated, telephony based communications. Similarly, Voice Broadcasting broadcasts telephone messages from anywhere to a handful to hundreds of thousands of call recipients at once. Voice broadcasting and Outbound IVR technology can be applied to both commercial, and community applications; reaching multiple end users, such as members, subscribers, constituents, employees, or customers almost immediately. In simple terms, Outbound IVR technology and Voice Broadcasting allow you to get your message out to your entire audience in a matter of minutes.

With Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting, your message is personalized to meet your exact needs, can be event triggered and can quickly be modified, so when an event occurs, you can react quickly to your consumers’ needs. The following are just a few examples of how Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting can deliver important information to your existing customers:

Emergency Notification Services

Emergency notifications involving informing citizens of potential road construction, weather alerts, crime tip hotlines, missing child alerts, University emergency notifications, school closings, or general messages from community leaders allows facilities and municipal service departments to alert everyone in a simple Voice Broadcast, reaching hundreds of citizens in minutes. This application use of Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting could potentially save lives and limit harm to affected areas.


Utility companies, the hospitality industry, financial institutions, and healthcare industries alike can all benefit from Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting. From past-due reminders, to appointment reminders, or even wake-up calls, these organizations can cost-effectively deliver their message to their consumers.

Subscriber Based Marketing

Retailers and other organizations looking to maximize customer retention and loyalty can provide customer opt-in services informing consumers of loyalty discounts, promotions, sales, product updates, and more.

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Advantages of Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR

For many organizations, the need for Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting is driven by an important event, and the word needs to be spread quickly. Studies show that telephone calls are more effective than email or standard “snail” mail to gain customer attention. However, making live calls to a large customer base requires a substantial investment in both technology and personnel. Cloud-based Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting is an affordable customer communication channel that offers significant cost savings, and provides a service that is not economically feasible for live agents to achieve.

Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting also provide greater flexibility in getting your message out to your customers. Most Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting services allow for pre-scheduling of your announcements, enabling your organization to contact your customers during out of office hours when live agents are typically unavailable. Customers can therefore be contacted at home after work hours when they are available to answer calls. Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting also offers the flexibility of providing separate messages for live answered calls versus answering machine or voice mail calls, with built in Answering Machine Detection (AMD), the solution with recognize the difference between the two, and play the appropriate message, ensuring your customer will receive your announcement whether the call is answered or not.

The ability to deliver your message to a large number of consumers in a matter of minutes is also another benefit of Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting. What typically takes traditional live agents weeks or older predictive dialers hours to achieve, an Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting solution can accomplish in a matter of minutes. The simplicity of Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting provides an ideal solution for both ongoing campaign messages, as well as one time messages that need to be delivered in a timely manner.

Blast by edsIVR

Blast by edsIVR provides an easy-to-use, cost effective cloud-based Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting solution. The solution provides the ability to send your message to your audience in bulk, to one or many lists, at the touch of a button. From political campaigns, to emergency notifications, to subscriber based marketing, the application possibilities are endless. With Blast, any business or enterprise can quickly set up successful outbound calling campaigns using the web-based interface. No coding or IVR experience is required. Setting up an outbound dialing campaign is as simple as:

  • Uploading your phone numbers in (CSV)
    • Uploading your prompt files
    • Clicking ‘run’ to start the campaign
    • Viewing your campaign results

If not properly implemented, Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting solutions can be a source of frustration to customers. Because of this, edsIVR has designed Blast with the following features and differentiators that separate it from other Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting solutions on the market:

User Friendly Interface

Our web-based interface provides administrator access via a user ID and password. With an intuitive step-by-step approach, our interface guides you through the campaign creation process so you can create voice messaging campaigns in minutes. With the ability to create on-demand, or pre-scheduled campaigns, you can begin sending out your message immediately, or set your campaigns to run at a later date.

Performance and Reliability

Blast’s standard support begins at 10,000 calls per hour; however, more calls per hour are available upon request. Developed in a scalable, reliable environment, Blast ensures your message will get out when it needs to.


Easily upload your own personal audio files, our use our integrated Text to Speech (TTS) functionality to create your unique message for your consumers. You can also customize your messages based on the status of the connected call. Whether it’s a live answered call, or an answering machine, Blast will recognize the difference between the two with our Answering Machine Detection (AMD) service, and play the appropriate message, giving you the ability to deliver alternate messages for each call answer type.

Call Throttling

Set criteria for your campaign to stop once you reach your desired number of successful calls. Blast allows you to send out all your calls at once, or configure your campaign for the desired number of calls and ports you want dedicated for each campaign.

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When using Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting, it is important to leverage business intelligence to make your campaign relevant. With Blast, you will receive a full report of your campaign, including statistics on:

  • How many calls were made
    • How many calls were answered
    • How many calls were unanswered
    • How many messages were left on an answering machine
    • Call hang-ups
    • Call completion percentage
    • Call data

Customer Opt-In / Opt-Out 

It’s important that Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting be used to provide important information to existing customers. Because of this, Blast provides an easy opt-out feature to keep your customers happy. Organizations looking to implement subscriber marketing campaigns can also provide an opt-in service for their existing customers to notify them of customer loyalty programs, incentives, new product information, and more.

A Simple Solution to Get Your Message Heard

Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting provides a strong solution to offer greater flexibility in providing high quality customer service, as well as provide a vehicle for alternative marketing campaigns to gain customer retention, along with lower than expected costs to immediately impact a company’s business. The more a business or organization’s customer base grows, the more difficult it is to maintain a direct line of communication with those customers. The Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting solution from Blast gives organization’s the ability to deliver important information to their consumers in a cost effective, timely manner.


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