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Pact Software Services specializes in ERP for small, medium and large enterprises for a broad range of industries and manages your day-to-day business activities integrating all your departments with a unique motive of increasing the overall profitability. For ERP, a common database supports all the applications and can be customized as per the requirements of the organization. Pact has revolutionized the ERP industry with its easy to use and quickest to implement secure, customizable and modular ERPs.

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Accounting and ERP Digital Marketing
Accounting and ERP Digital Marketing


Financial Management

Financial Management manages your entire organizations cash flow to ascertain profit or loss and enable users to produce accurate real-time reports. It is the foundation of long term success for any enterprise and any organization can integrate their own policies in our Financial Management module. It directly results in reduced costs, boost in profitability and meeting financial objectives.

Property Management

PACT Property Management and Real estate Software comprising of Property Sales, Brokerage, Property Lease, Financials and Asset Management is a complete ERP specially designed and developed to overcome the dynamic challenges faced by the Real Estate sector.  The single, integrated database provides complete transparency, accurate analytics and detailed property management reports including vacancy and tenancy reports helps you to make more informed decisions based on consistent real-time views of their properties.

HR and Payroll Management

Employees are the most important assets in any organization and once managed effectively it increases the morale of employees and in turn the profitability of the company. It provides   a comprehensive and flexible solution to all core issues related to employee management.CRM helps to retain the best talents from a very diverse work force.

Retail Management

POS interacts with the inventory management, Financial Management and CRM to give businesses the power they need to operate more efficiently. POS has revolutionized the retail industry as it is a faster and efficient mode of payment and allows you to capture more data for future marketing campaigns.

Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management tracks the movement of goods and services and manages your purchase and sales depending on stock availability and provides real time tracking information of orders thus improving your customer service.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management helps you to determine exactly what you need to produce, what quantity has to be produced and how much raw materials need to be purchased for a successful completion of a sales order thus increasing the profit.

Budget Management

A highly comprehensive and flexible module to manage and define your entire budgeting process. It is very user friendly and can maintain unlimited number budget flow patterns and assist in future budget patterns.

Asset Management

Assets and maintaining up to date assets are integral part of an organization.Asset Management module helps to track buying, calculate the accurate depreciation and disposal of assets. It helps in guaranteeing the maximum utilization of assets thereby resulting in cost reduction.  Detailed reporting of assets ensures that right asset information is delivered to the right stakeholders at the right time. Businesses gain insightful information of asset allocation and utilization thus guaranteeing peak asset performance.

Project Management

Project Management helps you speed up time to market, brings in flexibility, balance your risks and in line with your strategic objectives and goals. It is integrated with HR,Financial Management, Production and Procurement module which helps to reap additional benefits for the long run. 

Customer Relation Management

CRM assists to organize every part  of customer interaction including sales,marketing customer service and support.It helps us to track customer interaction and maximize profit and improve customer loyalty.Sales leads can be generated and tracked allowing the sales and marketing team to start making customer contacts knowing whom they are interacting with ie if they are contacting the right person at the right place.

Business Intelligence

At pact we guide you through business decision making process and helps you reach the best one. Our Business Intelligence solutions help you achieve that in a more accurate manner by giving you the relevant tools for better execution. It also helps you to gather data from multiple locations with better results by comparing and giving results and competitive advantage.

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  • Excellent experience of working with EDS. Very professional and on time delivery of services. Totally satisfied and will continue using them as our partners.

    Mr. Kartik Satija
    MDS Mobile - SAMSUNG

  • We are Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah & Al Zahra Medical center Dubai one of EDS client. EDS – SMS marketing service is very good and no delay at all.

    Mr. Abduljaleel Anodiyil
    Al Zahra Hospital

  • I had a very good experience with EDS. There team were helpful getting us up and running and their SMS system is easy to use and good value for money. I would recommend them as a supplier and will work with them again.

    Ms. Kirsten Dixon
    Informa Exhibition

  • Awesome customer service! We’ve never been let down and all of our requests have been granted immediately. Great group to work with!

    Mr. Mark Montecillo
    MTM Power Sports

  • Great service and amazing support. We are working with them in multiple campaigns and they do great job. Highly recommending this agency.

    Ahmed Nabhani
    IMG World

  • EDS got us top rankings on all of the major search engines where in the past we were unable to even show up on them. EDS did what they promised, when they promised, all at a fair price. We couldn’t ask for more.

    Mr. Amin Sheybani

  • All campaigns conducted through EDS were successful. We were able to generate a high number of inquiries following the SMS sent. Their database is convenient and extended. We recommend EDS to all companies.

    Ms. Rafaa Sleiman
    New World Private School
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