WhatsApp Marketing Dubai

Whatsapp Marketing Service allows you to send promotional text, Images, or Videos across all the smart-phones around the world. WhatsApp Marketing Dubai, WhatsApp Advertising Dubai, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing in Dubai, UAE

WhatsApp Marketing Dubai

Whatsapp Marketing

Our Whatsapp Marketing Service allows you to send promotional text, Images, or Videos across all the smart-phones around the world.

This is something that makes Whatsapp the smartest way to promote your business and keep in contact with your
current and potential customers.

Some Points to Note

1- Cost effective Solution
2- Cross Platform
3- Convenient sharing, that leads to Viral effect
4- Easily incorporate hyperlinks in messages

Whatsapp is more reliable, faster and user-friendly way of getting your sales increased in hours.

Other traditional ways of offline marketing have their own limitations, like SMS marketing for example. It has been the most used offline marketing solution for marketers, till now. But there are certain thing you can not perform with.

SMS marketing is not worldwide solution. If so, its not cost effective. It only supports text messages. Where all the MIME types are supported in Whatsapp. You can send text, images, sounds, video, infographics. Even your store or office location.

Whatsapp Advertising Dubai

 WhatsApp Marketing

Facts about Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular cross platform that permits users to communicate with one another via Wi-Fi and internet sans SMS charges. It has More Than 250 Million Users Where Approximately 270 Billion Messages Are Processed And Sent Daily!

Whatsapp Features

Global Accessibility :WhatsApp has the ability to give your product or service international and global presence. You are able to open new markets and reach any area across the world.

Hassle Free :With the WhatsApp Bulk Messaging System you no longer have to bother about SIM card top ups and cash card values.

Send Images Free :This System allows you to send images and photos for absolutely no cost.

Send More Text For Free :With this System you are able to send more text for free. You are no longer restricted by the word limitations of an SMS.

Greater Mobility :You get the opportunity to send out WhatsApp mass messages anywhere and anytime via the Internet even through a mobile phone.

Save Money :WhatsApp helps you to save money as it is much cheaper than SMS marketing.

Immediate Reply :You are able to receive immediate and instant replies from potential customers before you complete sending messages via the Application.

Global Marketing For Less :The WhatsApp Bulk Marketing System helps you to market your service or product across international boundaries.

visit : www.whatsdubai.com

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