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Reporting provides you with essential information required to measure the effectiveness of your email broadcasts. By identifying trends, targeting groups and comparing creatives you can discover what consumers find relevant… and what they don’t.

Our email reports provide statistics, such as:

Activity reporting – provided in a handy timeline format you are able to view when people subscribe or unsubscribe as well as who opened emails and at what time.

  • Link tracking – learn what content or offers recipients are responding to by tracking each link within your creative.
  • Forwarded emails – by tracking emails that are forwarded you can understand the viral impact of a particular broadcast.
  • Email bounce handling – view a report of emails that were not delivered and discover possible reasons why.
  • Unsubscribe management – any recipients that unsubscribe are recorded to ensure they are not emailed again in the future.
  • High delivery rates – relationships with ISPs ensure your campaign has excellent delivery rates.
  • Report access – access full report statistics and manage your subscriber lists in a secure online environment.
  • Google Analytics tracking – track visitors from the email creative across your website to get a better understanding of the results.
  • Campaign comparisons – compare campaigns together to highlight trends for further improvement.
  • Campaign export – export to Excel for backup or further analysis.

Only spam-free, properly targeted and interactive email, as provided by EDS, will prolong customer relationships and ultimately deliver a maximum response rate and return on investment. We hope you agree.

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