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Digital Marketing for Retail, Stores, Shops and Shopping Malls

Whether or not a shopping mall, retail outlet or store is successful depends on many factors and variables which should be studied strategically before getting the project underway. These factors include access, location, services, variety of establishments, ease of parking, and so on. But the Online Marketing actions we carry out are also fundamental and play a huge part in attracting consumers or possible clients. Such actions incentivize consumption in the establishments – in terms of both frequency and value; loyalize customers; avoid excessive sales seasonality; encourage the public to try products and services; and develop branding.

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Retail Digital Marketing Dubai
Retail Digital Marketing Dubai

There are lot of things one can do to market their brand/business on social media. With the many number of platforms available today to choose from, effective use of social channels still remains a key factor while formulating a strategy that can drive desired results.

While working on the segment of shopping malls (Shopping/Entertainment), We have realized that the objective of choosing social media as primary channel for marketing is not clear for many. It makes strategic part even more challenging since the formulating set of activities that can actual drive tangible results can not be defined clearly. In order to avoid such chaos and creating a social media strategy to promote the business in a right way, below are some important factors every ‘Shopping Mall’ business need to consider:

Define Your Objective Clearly

While Choosing social media to promote the mall, make sure you are clear with the expectations from it. Note down what all things you would like to achieve for your business from these efforts and then sort them with short-term and long-term goals. Short Term objective can be: – Increasing Fans/Followers on Social Media – Informing and educating your fans about Mall offerings -Reaching out to existing fans and solve their queries Whereas, Long Term Objective can be: – Creating and nurturing a community of active followers of your brand – Increasing Walk-Ins to your mall Defining such objectives help in formulating a way forward in an organized manner.

Choose Right Social Media Platforms

Not everything out there is made for you! While taking first step of your social media strategy, it becomes very crucial that you need to be very clear about what each platform is trying to communicate with it’s Target Group. Each social media platform has its own voice so you have to choose that based on how effectively it is going to serve your purpose. Few factors you can consider while doing this: – Is my audience (Shopping Enthusiast/Buyers) present here? – What type of communication are they liking the most? – How will they interact with my brand? – How can I encourage them to visit the mall physically through particular platform. All these pointers will form a next step of your planning that will actually pull audience to make them understand what you stand for?

Post content that delivers value

Once you set up social media accounts to interact with your target group, make sure you are crystal clear about what you are going to post on these channels. Understand the style of communication that works on respective platforms and formulate content themes accordingly. Posting random content won’t help much. See what type of content your target group is consuming. Keep an eye on Competitor’s pages and analyze type of content working for them. Every post you make should ideally deliver something to your fans/followers. It can be educative, informative or interest based (humor/fun element) but at the end it should be interesting enough to encourage users to take action on it. Some of the content themes you should consider while positioning your ‘Mall’ on social media: – Talk about USPs of the mall, why one should visit it ? – Showcase exciting offers or discounts the stores are offering. – Show people enjoying shopping, events & activities etc. at the mall. Human element generally attract more eyeballs on social media. – Conduct social media contest to boost the engagement. Ask winners to collect their prize from the physical location i.e. from Mall itself.

Listen and Respond to audience:

Social media can serve as a very good customer service platform if leveraged properly. People can interact with your business through personal messages, social actions (Like, Comment & Shares) and Reviews etc. Ensure you are providing enough attention at them. Appreciate and thank them when you receive positive feedback. In case of complaint of any other negative form of mention, try to resolve it by addressing the customer personally or taking it offline through Customer Care Team. Proactive & helpful approach from the mall can help in increasing overall positive sentiment about the mall and it can have direct impact on Walk-Ins.

Evaluate your performance and work on improvements

Once you are all set with comprehensive social media planning and it’s execution, most crucial part is to monitor the progress you have made. Analyze the data from Google Analytics & Social media insights, see what’s working for you and try to improve on the activities that didn’t drive desired results. Important metrics you can focus on for analysis is: – Type of posts that are providing highest engagement – Number of mentions received from social media – Type of ads that are fulfilling objectives defined – Tracking Walk-Ins and segregate the data into off-line and Online separately to understand the impact of social media efforts.

Try to include all the pointers discussed above when you formulate social media strategy for your shopping mall business. Well planned and thoughtful approach can definitely bring the best out of social media marketing for you and your business can enjoy long term benefits from it. Feel free to share if you come across anything additional to this while actually implementing the strategy in practical. Feedback is also welcome!

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Social media marketing is the process of channeling potential traffic to relevant online industries through wide-ranging social media platforms. Digital or social media is a 24/7 active and cost-free medium, where people talk, share, learn, debate and discuss over an exhaustive range of industries.

CPL advertising is the most cost-effective way of getting leads to grow your customer database, newsletter list or community site. You may be in wonder, the fact is, that with 71% year-to-year growth, online lead generation is the fastest growing segment in internet advertising.

Mobile marketing has been taken to the next level with geofencing, which gives companies the ability to advertise to customers within a geographic radius. All modern smartphones have GPS capability. 


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