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Looking for Corporate or Marketing Video Production? EDS specializes in corporate video production, video marketing services in Dubai,UAE. EDS is a specialist digital firm, renowned for its video production, editing, motion graphics located in the heart of Dubai. Video Production Dubai, Corporate Video Production Dubai, Video Marketing

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Customization of Your Project and One On One Branding

We provide full multi High Definition camera for 4.6K, 4K, UHD and HD audio-visual video recording for live performance, events, conferences, weddings, corporate video and promotions, TV advertsweb adverts and product showcases as well. The whole project will be one on one and will be planned to achieve your marketing goals. We have got an extended network of specialists in other fields also to promote and grow your brand awareness among your target customers.

As one of the most dynamic and innovative corporate video production companies in Dubai, we make cutting-edge videos our way to create TV ads, corporate videos and viral videos that put your story up front with cinematic visuals and catchy story lines. Our team of corporate video production specialists stay at the top of their game by using modern film making techniques while also handling all the production details – from concepts and script writing to location scouting and casting, we manage it all.

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Video Production and Editing

Video Production Dubai UAE

Promotion and Engaging Production and Post Production Activities

EDS is a specialist digital firm, renowned for its video productioneditingmotion graphics located in the heart of Dubai. It is a great working place for all the digital services across the world.

We take post-production a step or two further than other video production companies in Dubai. Our innovative post-production team will bring your corporate videos to life using the very latest in post-production, editing and audio design technology.

We aren’t recognized as one of the most technologically advanced video production companies in Dubai by chance, we take post-production to the next level by putting a shine on our corporate videos to make them stand out. Our videos command attention.

Drone (Aerial) Videography

Drone Photography Videography Dubai

Stretch your Imagination to New Heights.

Our Drone aerial videographer will ensure great service and provide an awesome client experience collaborating on projects. We have the best drone photography prices without sacrificing quality.

Equipped with the latest drone and steady cam technology, EDS will bring your ideas to life. Have another idea? Contact us for our drone services! We are always up for collaboration.

  • Real Estate
  • Golf Courses
  • Weddings & Engagement Shoots
  • Wineries/ Vineyards
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Events
    (Birthdays, Family Reunions, etc.)
  • Land Surveying
  • Portraits
  • Marketing & Business Promotion
  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Entertainment
    (Music Videos, Dance Reels, etc.)


3D animated videos have never been more exciting. With our team of specialist 3D animators and designers ready to create, build and bring to life characters that give your animation video production that extra edge, you’re going to get real results.

Animated video production is constantly evolving, getting better, more dynamic and more impressive by the day. As the UAE’s corporate video specialists, we create animated videos that impress and help our clients realize their branding objectives.


As a cutting-edge video production company in Dubai that consistently takes video production to the next level and beyond, whatever the visual illusion you wish to create to capture your audience’s attention, our video experts will create it for you.

With the use of our talents and the backing of technologies available for us. We use our artistic and creative minds to bring your audience to an inspiring and unforgettable experience.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics? Design, digital footage and animation blended together to bring you new and exciting ways to present your ideas to audiences around the world. Multimedia is the future of corporate video production. Stay ahead of the masses.

The motion graphics we deliver for our clients are built to impress. Whether it’s for corporate videos, events, or a presentation you want to go viral, our motion graphic creations will leave your audience stunned. Make a lasting impression on viewers.

Script Writing

Great stories come from great writing. We give more thought in developing a sound script that reaches out to your audience and speaks to them in words they relate to. This helps clients connect with their audiences and fosters intimate connections.

Script writing is an essential aspect of our video production services. Whether you’re looking to make a testimonial video or a full motion picture, we’ll get your script right the first time. The UAE corporate video scene need never be the same again.

Virtual Reality – Interactive

In an age where technology is developing at fast unprecedented pace, Virtual reality has emerged as a story medium, that immerses the audiences into mind blowing experiences.

We use our animation techniques infused with programming to make interactive experiences come to life. Storytelling is the cornerstone of our value proposition, We can immerse your audiences in a whole new world full of boundless possibilities.

Social Media Video Production

Video Production Dubai UAE

A Strong Client Review in High-Quality Video Production

Creativity, Quality, and Technical Ability

EDS is providing digital services to 100+ Fortune companies with enormous experience in the video creations and promotions. With great reviews from the customer’s side, it is one of the best brands in Video Production and editing.

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