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Mobile Advertising : 7 mobile advertising trends that will make it big in 2018   With 2017 now safely behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the coming year and identify the key areas in mobile marketing that brands and agencies should be not just aware of, but actively integrating into strategic plans. Here...
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Geofencing Advertising: How and Where it works ? Welcome, one and all, to what should be a fun little tech-based post. Like many people, I find technology interesting. The way we’ve developed different systems over the years, and how we’ve gone on to apply these to modern life is at times fascinating, especially when it...
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Social Media Marketing – 10 Easy Steps to Getting Started At some point, every entrepreneur comes to the crossroads of whether they should engage in social media marketing or not.  The quick answer is – yes! I know, I know! You don’t have time! You have a dozen appointments on the go, a million tasks...
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