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Google my business is a free tool offered by Google for business owners. The tool is mainly focused on the Local market to show up your business in various platform desktop google search, mobile search, local search and Google Maps. It allows you to set up an account, verify business and edit the business listing without doing any extra work or any website optimization to rank in the google search.

Google developed this platform in the way that when your local customer looking for services that you are providing, they will get your listing in the search and ultimately chances of getting sales to your business. For customers using google, my business listing is easy and convenient. It allows potential customers to reach you to your business quickly and easily.

As a business owner, you might have an online presence in the form of a website, Facebook page, Instagram page but you don’t think you also have to update your google my business account.

How important is Google My Business for local SEO?

Google’s whole business is undoubtedly revolving around the single thing and that is the search engine. If you didn’t find anything you are even searching on google. You might try many things to search and google and you succeeded to gets the result accurately without spending too much of time. So, everything Google does is for searcher’s convenience.

The best part of Google listing is, if a customer is looking for the phone number, address, and direction of your business, then there is no need for them to open your website and searching for the contact details. Those all results are provided by Google My Business listing in the search result itself.

Now, many business owners will ask isn’t that bad thing? If, people do not use the website for contact details.

Don’t look into few clicks to the website as that might be your potential customer and he doesn’t have enough time to go through your entire website to contact you. If your customers are most active on Saturday’s but there is no information about your businesses opening and closing time and days. That is where your customer gets an advantage.

For this reason, only setting up your business in Google My Business Listing is Worthwhile.

Benefits of a Google My Business Listing

If someone is searching with your business name in Google then there must be that customer awareness of your business. So, when he is searching, he will land to your complete business listing result.

  1. Helps Your Website to Rank Higher

Google My business listing is important as it helps to get more traffic when it is listing in top keywords in search listing that results to increase in organic search ranking of your website among the other

2.    All necessary information at one place

Google business listing visualize all your important contact details in one place.

Those all information’s are enough for your customer to make a decision for your conversion.

  1. The place to show your offers and mange reviews

The most important part of the Google My Business is you can showcase you all ongoing offers to your audience as well as to potential customers with listed them in your listing.

There might a chance of converting your customer without paying any extra cost for your promotion.

Don’t Miss the chance to acquire a customer to your business

So, ignoring the creation of Google My Business account in Google is like barred yourself from getting the free services to acquire your customers.

Google my business page is not complicated to create but that is an important tool to showcase yourself to the local market.


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