Why The Shopping Festival Season Is The Best Time To Use Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing for Shopping

Dubai shopping festival is one of the biggest events that occurs in United Arab of Emirates, people come from all around the world to enjoy this event, but for people with business, this is a very important time to start digital marketing campaigns.

Why Digital marketing campaigns are so important during the shopping festival event?

In this time of the year, people are coming from all over the world to enjoy the great warm weather of Dubai and also do some shopping.

For businesses in Dubai that is a great time to attract new customers and introduce them to your offers and promotions. Most of the people nowadays are using the internet so beside traditional marketing it’s essential to use digital marketing and advertising as well.

It’s time to use push notifications!

Visitors and tourists will definitely enter the country through the airport, aren’t they?

But not all of them will directly have a stable internet connection but through our new service push notifications, we can push notification on the visitors’ phone through GPS, no need for the internet to find their location. Targeting the airport area for an example. That means that once the tourist steps into the airport area he will get a notification on his phone with your service or promotion. Don’t forget that tourists are coming to the country to spend money it’s the shopping festival season Afterall, so after being introduced to your business most probably they will take an action which will be translated into conversion. Or if you have a retail store or a service in a shopping mall a push notification with your product could be pushed on the mall visitor’s phone which will increase the chances of conversion. Normally push notification result in minimum CTR of 6% but during the shopping festival season, we expect higher results as for the reasons mentioned above.

You can learn more about push notifications from here: https://edsfze.com/push-notification-mobile-advertising-dubai/

What other types of digital marketing could be used?

According to the digital marketing report of 2018,

99% of the population in United Arab of Emirates are using the social media, the huge number isn’t it?

Not only that it’s number one worldwide, makes sense. But what we can get from that is digital marketing and advertising is even more important than any other sort of marketing. Nowadays social media platform made it easier for digital marketers to reach their target audience through platforms like Instagram which is the most used platform in the United Arab of Emirates as per the digital marketing report 2018 and Facebook the most used social media application worldwide.

As per the report as well organic reach is getting lower and lower due to the increase in number of passive users who might see your post and read it but they will not interact with it or take an action. That’s why in 2019 social media marketing campaigns is no more an option for business in the United Arab of Emirates it’s a must.

Learn more about social media marketing from here: https://edsfze.com/social-media-marketing-dubai-uae/


Conclusion, in a country like United arab of emirates you cannot neglect the importance of digital marketing if you want to have a successful business and also don’t neglect taking an advantage from an event like the shopping festival because the customer already has the need all you have to do is being there for them.

So, while you are enjoying the shopping festival season don’t forget to shop for your business too.

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