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Running Google Adwords ad campaigns is all about getting the most out of your budget but shockingly most of the companies failed to achieve their ROI. It may be lack of experience or education, that companies invest a lot of money in keywords for better ROI. But adding more money in the keywords is that really a best bidding strategy?
Most of the ad platforms give users with various bidding strategy to run campaign efficiently .To show you how to get most from your budget without spending more money in the keywords, We are briefing down different bidding strategy .
Manual Cost per Click
This is the popular and basic bidding strategy, where one can have optimal control over the spending .Selecting the option will manually set bid for clicks. Its primary focus is to acquire traffic from clicks.
Automatic Cost per Click
In Automatic CPC google have all the control over your budget, you need to set a fix budget and google automatically increase or decrease bid to get more clicks within that fix budget. This strategy is best for beginners as well as for advanced users as google using its on data to set the maximum CPC.
Enhanced Cost per Click
This feature of google is specially for focusing on optimizing conversion rate. Bids are automatically increased or decreased according to the conversion tracking rates. Bids may be increase by maximum 30% for clicks that Google algorithms suggest.
CPA Bidding
Cost per acquisition bidding or CPA is a feature to use when we target the cost of customer acquisition.
This feature is available to the sites that having history of daily conversions. Sites must have 15 conversions in last one month in order to learn the accurate estimation of cost of customer acquisition by the algorithms.
By using these above strategies, you should be able to increase the ROI of your campaigns without investing like a rich.

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