Geofencing is the future and also a virtual Parameter, it’s a location driven digital marketing tool that allows marketers to display ads to people based on their past activities and location that they go. Geo Fencing allows marketers, advertisers to send messages to smartphone users in a real geographical area. For e.g., shoppers who arrive at a mall can be targeted with ads by based on the location of the user’s IP address

Geo-fencing does showcase the effectiveness of advertising by letting advertisers know the amount of traffic it has generated to that particular location. Thus, advertisers can easily judge the number of users who have clicked on the ad, by creating a fence around a location or area, such as a few miles around your business, or an area you would like to target. Ads will then only be shown to people who move into this fenced area.

our mobile devices are continuously broadcasting its location by displaying a device ID and that is how a user can get a nearby restaurant or can use Google maps to get to a location. The device ID can be identified by utilizing longitude and latitude and then position within online advertising campaigns.

Geofencing is a highly effective digital marketing tool, but only when executed correctly.

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