Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness is one of the most important elements in any business!

You could have the best product/ service but if people are unaware of the fact that your service or product exists, it would be a waste at a potential gold mine.
Let’s take an example….

You’re restaurant specialized in wings with a really unique sauce that all your walk in customer go crazy about. Furthermore, you are also running a promotion where a customer gets a free beverage per each order of wings.

Here is when brand awareness comes into play! We need to advertise this promotion and how unique this sauce really is. People need to know this exists!!!
This is where Marketing plays a massive role. Businesses use social media to such an extent where they can reach their exact target audience based on location, gender, age, behavior and genuine interest. This is something EDS specializes in. We make sure you reach your correct target audience and tackle the aspect of brand awareness to such an extent, your target audience will have to check out what you have to offer.

“The Mere exposure effect” is something that is very significant in today’s society and is linked directly to brand awareness. An easy way to explain the effect would be, how many times you are exposed to a song…even if you hate the song but its repeated so often in your life, you are forced to sing along to it and eventually might even enjoy it. This “Mere Exposure Effect” works with every business when done the correct and smart way…. So why not give us a call 😉

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