What’s the difference between DSP/SSP and mobile ad networks?

Ad Network

The advertising network is a centralized source for inventory – there is no need to buy on sites separately.

There are different types of mobile ad networks. One of them is a vertical ad network.

It works transparently: placement information is available to the advertiser. Such networks contribute to improving the quality of traffic, price adequacy and successfully solve branding tasks.

But it is not transparent enough – site reports are often disguised. Fixed CPM – all shows cost the same. No automation – you must use IO to enter into a contract for each purchase.

Advertising networks were the first step in the transition from direct purchases on the site.

The advantage for advertisers is that they no longer need to enter into contracts with dozens of individual sites to reach their audience in scale, this process has become automated. Publishers sell resources more efficiently than directly.



SSP is used online by publishers to automate the sale of advertising space or site. In other words, this is an analog of DSP only for the supply side, not for the demand side.

If DSP users want to buy the most relevant advertising space at the lowest rate, then SSP aims to maximize the price in the interests of publishers. Both platforms are based on the same engines.

In SSP there is a function of setting the starting price, both for certain customers and channels. For example, as a way to attract new customers to your site, a publisher can reduce the cost for this particular segment.

You choose which sites to buy by bidding. Pay what you think is worth every single show. Thus, the whole process is very transparent. Using DSP provides customers with greater accuracy for linking the right person to the right message at the right time, allowing customers to make different bets on various factors, such as time of day, geography, data segment, and more.

DSP is the logical continuation of the ad network in the mechanism of choosing the purchase of advertising space.

What common:

Both platforms give access to a wide range of advertising platforms and targeting.

What is the difference:

DSP provides tools for centralized purchase, placement, and tracking of advertising campaign results, with the ability to optimize all your campaigns. Please note that all this happens on a single platform.

And you should pay attention to several important aspects:

  • quality audience coverage;
  • targeting capabilities (the toolkit is flexible enough and accurate to find your target audience);
  • guarantees of transparency (the advertiser’s security against fraudulent traffic);
  • ad visibility;
  • you can adjust the floor price;
  • you can choose a category of adverts (cars, food, garden)

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