Selecting Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads depends on your product or service. Also, your budget, targeting, goal matters too. Before recommending anything, I will give you some basic information on both the platforms. Let’s start!

Twitter ads are an extremely useful tool but is definitely NOT an advertising channel you can use primarily for conversions.

If you are wondering why just bear in mind that Twitter as a platform is meant for reading and interacting with opinions that relate to local or global events.

On the other hand, with Facebook you can see what’s going on in the world, talk to your friends privately, play games, flirt, buy stuff or do business networking.

That element makes it easier for Facebook advertisers to drive conversions.

On the other hand, Twitter is the ideal channel if you want to generate engagement and build awareness over something.

Also, in Twitter:

  • Ideas and opinions spread in totally different speeds than Facebook.
  • Hashtags are strongly connected with some kind of intention.

So, if you are a media company, Twitter is the best way to go.

If you are running an e-commerce store, then you need to choose a channel that drives conversions easier, such as Facebook ads.

  • Targeting: Facebook targeting is very detailed as compared to Twitter. There are a lot of options like demographics, behaviour, interests, etc whereas in Twitter you can target handles, keywords, etc.
  • Ad copies: In Facebook, you can write descriptive ad copies whereas on Twitter there is a 240 characters limit.
  • Ad formatsFacebook boasts complex and more ad formats whereas on Twitter the offerings are much simpler.


  • App ads
  • Domain ads
  • Mobile app ads
  • Offer ads
  • Page-like ads
  • Page post link ads
  • Page post photo ads
  • Page post text ads
  • Page post video ads
  • Sponsored stories


  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted trends
  • Ad performance: Here’s an image from WordStream which comprises of some performance metrics. Have a look!

Facebook Advertising Vs Twiiter Advertising

Always remember, Facebook is a platform to connect with people, make friends whereas Twitter is an idea-sharing platform. This is the basic difference among other differences.

Now, you have enough information to decide where you should put in your money. Best of luck!

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