Snapchat Advertising

1- It saves money
Since there is no need for professionals to alter photos and videos, the more businesses can allot their money on other projects or expenses. The application is also free, which is great especially for those who wish to make the most out of the application without spending too much.

2- It can be used for customer service
This benefit solely relies on the spontaneity of the platform. Since Snapchat encourages users to be more instantaneous and connect to more people, business owners whose target market are the millennials and younger to use the platform to interact with their audiences who have concerns.
Customers can send a Snap to the company about their concern, and the company can reply to the customer through another snap. However, when integrating Snapchat as a customer service platform, businesses will have to ensure that they can immediately reply to the Snaps anytime.

3- Businesses can be pioneers
Since not all businesses are on the platform yet, joining Snapchat as early as now will make businesses the pioneers on the brand. It will allow them to create a stronger community on the platform for a longer time before majority of other businesses flock in.

4- Snapcash
Snapcash is another feature that businesses can utilize. Users can send and receive money to their contacts who are eligible to receive money by linking their debit card to the app, which can be used for ecommerce.

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