Design trends are constantly changing. Time to time some design trends end up obsolete while some new trends become popular and used in design. In 2018, when visual complexity commands the computerized scene and designer look for clarity and refinement, both delicate and bold. Being able to keep up with and implement them is an important talent for designers to have.

By connecting with the latest trends and adopting them in design we can design creative, smarter and make more informed decisions and artistic choices.

What are the top graphic design trends?

– Intersecting Elements
– Duotone & Double Exposure
– Retro-modern illustrations
– Creative Background Patterns
– Bright Gradients
– Thoughtful Animations
– Isometric Design
– Split Page Design
– Gradients
– Extra Depth (with semi-flat design)
– Dazzling duotones
– 80s & 90s color palates & patterns
– Bold typography & more serifs
– Custom graphics & illustration
– Authentic photography
– Detailed vintage

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