YESSSS, social media is totally worth it!!!

Our opinions and experiences dealing with social media as a community &business-building tool
is that we know which platform and your Target Audience

Where is your Audience
Are you trying to build a business, Then Instagram Stories or Snapchat Facebook, is where your target audience is and they love those platforms?

2. video.
According to a new research video is the evolution of digital content, and at this point, and im sure you won’t disagree as we all like watching over reading.
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter/Periscope video are the new trending, so Consider the below ideas:
• Facebook Live
• Instagram Stories
• Uploading videos (or FB Live clips) to your Instagram feed
• Twitter’s live video feature
• Snapchat

3. Which platform accentuates your brand?
Choose something that will speak more deeply to your audience. It’s not only about your preference, but also about which platform brings out the best of your brand to connect and engage with your audience.

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