One must be on LinkedIn as it is more important for your business something that you cannot overlook. Not only is it the world’s largest professional social network, but ever two per second there is a new member who signs up. 1. It helps in Increasing brand awareness 2. You can Connect with new customers 3. Promoting events that are B2B 4. Engaging with specialist from your industry 5. Talent Hunt is very famous for HR’s of various companies Looking for leads, traffic and sales on LinkedIn, there is a different approach for that let me tell you how: 1.Complete your profile: we generally complete half or just little enough information, but you should tell people who are and how you can help them. 2. Connect with everyone not only your personal connects, start branching out and reach out to new people you want to connect within your Industry, Leaders and local marketers. More you connect the more your opportunity’s grow 3. Make sure you recommend other & Endorse too, you only receive when you give so start endorsing you colleagues and friends. Drop a testimonial on someone’s wall on how good of a job they do. 4.Make sure to create your own Targeted LinkedIn group, and top executives around the world will be connected this allows you to have more influence in that industry. 5. Optimize your profile for search rankings, just how you would optimize your website, the keywords are the same thing you can use for LinkedIn: People are searching every single day for experts, consultants, Freelancers to hire to solve their problems. SO, go to your LinkedIn and follow the steps Want more Sales leads more traffic, more exposure, recommendations it all starts with growing a strong network.

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