Geofencing Advertising

3 Major Advantages of Geo-fencing It’s clear that geo-fencing is a powerful tool, but perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries is online marketing, since it allows marketers to take their efforts to a new, localized level. Here are some of the benefits of marketing with geo-fencing. Enhance Local Sales Geo-fencing is definitely a strategy you might want to look into if you are making efforts to improve your local performance. Since it is a location-based system, you can target local customers in a defined geographic area. One way to do this is by sending promotions via push notifications to customers in your area. You can easily change promotions each day or have limited-time offers that will lead to increased sales from local customers. Increase Analytics and Tools for Metric Analysis:- Local sales can be difficult to measure. What is it that brought a customer into your shop? If you don’t have the chance to survey every customer who walks through your door, this can be difficult to connect to your online efforts. However, if customers are coming in with your promotions from geo-fencing, there are a number of metrics you can measure, including their sales, how long they are in your store, and how often they visit your business. All of this can be valuable information that adds depth to your analytics. Provide Personalization for Customers:- Another benefit of geo-fencing is that it allows you to collect data in order to personalize customer offers. It gives you demographics about the local population, including what kind of offers interest them and get them in your store. If you look at purchase history and realize that local customers prefer a certain product, you can alter your promotions accordingly.

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