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Radio  is one of the oldest form of entertainment. Radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small and big businesses. It is also affordable and effective means of advertisement in Dubai.

Radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers that may be interested in your product or service. Radio advertising allows you to deliver a short and powerful message to your target audience.

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Radio Advertising Services

Radio Advertising Dubai

Radio Advertising in Dubai is one of the oldest form of entertainment. Radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small businesses. It is also affordable and effective means of advertisements. As we spend more time on the roads, its natural to switch radio on for some news and entertainment. There are plenty of english arabic and other language radio stations there are RJ’s and DJ’s worth tuning into. There is a broad range of choices for type and length of radio commercials. Advertising on radio can be Influential, cost effective, flexible. At the same time it can be competitive medium, higher reach, anytime anywhere.

Radio Advertising Agency in Dubai

Radio Advertising Agency in UAE

Benefits of Radio Advertising:

  • Reach New Customers
  • Build Top of mind awareness
  • Generate New Business
  • Promote a positive image
  • Stay ahead of competition

Execution Details needed for Radio Advertising

  • Station
  • Frequency
  • Time Slot
  • Days/Week
  • Creative Length

Targeting Options:

Ads Frequency:

A radio ads needs to air multiple times before it sinks in with the listener. A commercial that airs multiple times in a day has a better chance of reaching the listener than a commercial that only airs a few times in a week.

Target Audience:

Just like with every ad you create, you must know your target audience. Remember which type of listener you want to reach out. Is it for B2B or B2C, nationality, teens and more classifications are available to choose from.

What We offer?

  • Free script writing services to create your perfect radio advertising message
  • Targeted advertising station and programme options for most advertising stations
  • The opportunity to endorse radio station competitions and events
  • No obligation campaign recommendations, insight and full creative.
  • Specialist knowledge and expertise
  • Free analytics report & ongoing support.

Radio Stations

Radio Advertising Company in Dubai

Arabic radio

Abu Dhabi Radio (AM/FM)
Radio Hala 95.6FM
Al Rabia 107.8 FM – Channel 4 Radio Network
Al Emarat FM
Quran Kareem
Al Arabiya 99.0FM – Arabian Radio Network
Al Khaleejia 100.9FM – Arabian Radio Network
Al Rabia FM 107.8FM
Noor Dubai 93.9FM
Sawa 90.5FM
Star 92.4/99.9FM
radio 105.4

English radio

978 Dance – Dance/House/deephouse/electronic; 97.8 FM (Dubai), Shock ME
Radio 1 – Top 40/Dance/R&B; 104.1 FM (Dubai), 100.5 FM (Abu Dhabi)

Radio 2 – Classic Hits; 99.3 FM (Dubai) 106.0 FM (Abu Dhabi)
Channel 4 FM – Top 40; 104.8 FM Channel 4 Radio Network
Dubai 92 – Adult Contemporary; 92.0 FM Arabian Radio Network
Dubai Eye 103.8 – News, Talk & Sport; 103.8 FM Arabian Radio Network
Virgin Radio Dubai – Top 40; 104.4 FM Arabian Radio Network
Rock Radio 90.7 – The First Rock Radio station in the Gulf.
Heart 107.1 : 90’s Music

Japanese radio

Fuji FM 88.9 – The First J-Pop and Anime Music Radio station in Dubai
日本ドバイ Nippon Dubai 102.9 FM – The First J-Rock and J-Jams Radio station in Dubai

Spanish radio

El Monstro de Radio 92.9 FM – The First Spanish Classical, Retro and Top 40 Hit Radio station in Dubai

Hindi/Urdu radio

Radio Mirchi 88.8 FM – Dubai
Radio Mirchi 97.3 FM – Abu Dhabi
Radio Mirchi 95.6 FM – Al Ain
Radio 4 – 89.1 FM No 1 for Hit Gaane – Channel 4 Media Networks
City 101.6 – Arabian Radio Network
Jio 100.3 FM
102.4 Suno FM
Big FM 106.2 Zee Entertainment

Korean radio

102.3 Super K-Pop FM- The First K-Pop Radio station in Dubai

Malayalam Radio

FM 94.7 – Flowers FM – Flowers Group
FM 96.7 – Hit 96.7 – Arabian Radio Network
FM 99.6 – Club FM – Mathrubhumi Group
FM 101.3 – Gold FM – Channel 4 Radio Network
AM 810 – Pravasi Bharathi
AM 1269 – Radio Asia (moving to new frequency of 1476 AM soon)
FM 96.2 – Radio Mango – Manorama Group Closed

FM 100.3 – RadioMe
AM 657 – Asianet Radio Closed
AM 1152 – Voice of Kerala

French radio

Eiffel FM 102.5 – The First French Classical, Retro and Top 40 Hit Radio station in Dubai
Russian radio
Auto Radio 90.8 FM

Italian radio

Radio La Musica 90.3 FM – The First Italian Classical, Retro and R&B Music Radio station in Dubai
Tamil radio
89.4 Tamil FM (

Radio Gilli 106.5 FM U A E (Radio Gilli)
Radio Salaam FM 106.5 (Closed)

Filipino radio

Tag 91.1 – Arabian Radio Network
wow 107- hello fm group

German radio

Glückliche Musik Dubai 106.7 FM – The First German Top 40 Hit Music Radio station in Dubai

Persian radio

Radio Shoma 93.4 – Arabian Radio Network

Airtime Selection

EDS using its expertise suggests you the most favorable placement after knowing your requirement and works on your behalf giving you the top advertising package at the lowest possible rate.

Just simply complete an Airtime Request Form as you plan to set up your campaign and select the category of the show you want to place your ad in. You can choose the category that best suits your ad profile, for instance; comic, current affairs, beauty etc. and get a list of shows airing under that particular category to aid your selection process. We can plan your radio advertising campaign differently depending on what your objective is;

  • Your radio plan can be functional for instance, targeting a geographical area
  • Your radio campaign can be structured for instance, focusing on the breakfast hours for a new cereal product
  • Or we can buy radio airtime to be tailored to your creative execution for instance, different radio commercial durations, place in radio commercial break, number of radio ads per commercial break etc.

Upon selection of the category and above criteria, you can just identify your interest and requirement and we shall select and recommend you the most appropriate radio channels and shows that fit your criteria. Further, you can also mark your interest for the placement of your ad in the monthly calendar for each show/ channel you are interested in.


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