SEO Services

Did you know that 62% of the users typically click on links found on the first page of search results and about 90% of them click on the results found on the first three pages?

Content Optimization

This involves copywriting text within your site to make it search-engine friendly while remaining appealing to the user. Keywords relevant to each of your website pages are optimised within certain elements of your pages so that your site ranks highly for those terms when search engines crawl it.

This will include modifying:

  • Title tags
  • Meta description and keyword tags
  • Image ALT tags
  • Headline tags (H1-H4)
  • Page URLs
  • Internal links
  • On-page copy
Product feeds, RSS and XML Sitemaps

Making your website’s content easily available by using news, XML and product feeds allows subscribers and search engines to be alerted to new content, products and offer from your site without having to visit. This can also be particularly useful for getting any new content indexed instantly.