Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

In other words, we are discussing why Digital / Online / Internet marketing is preferred over the Traditional / Offline Marketing … right !

So in some quick points I am going to explain its advantages – hope it helps

Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing thats why its a preferred channel of marketing :-

  1. Low cost:While newspaper, television and other such media ad costs a lot, advertising through the internet is quite affordable. This in turn means greater fraction of the budget to enhance business.
  2. Real time result: Digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing since it is able to give quick results. With online marketing you can measure and view everything with ease.
  3. Brand Development:Due to the limitation of space and low frequency of advertisements as in the case with conventional marketing, it loses at the hands of the online marketing.
  4. Greater exposure: Any traditional form of marketing device, be it television commercials or a newspaper ad, can cover a certain area or population sector of a region. As opposed to this, an online advertisement has the ability to reach out to a widespread population, even the whole world.
  5. Better Engagement: You cannot directly engage with your customers with traditional marketing. Whereas, Digital marketing not only allows you to interact with your targeted audience in real time, but also make prompt steps based on their feedback.
  6. Quicker Publicity: You can get instant publicity with digital marketing, even if you do not, you can instantly know which of you ad isn’t working great.
  7. Easy analytics:With digital marketing measuring the marketing efforts becomes very easy and quick unlike traditional marketing.


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