Negative SEO are the tactics including black hat and unethical techniques to low down the ranking or reputation of the competitors in search engine. Negative SEO could attack your website in many ways:

  • Building thousands of poor links that redirected to your website
  • Creating fake social media channels and posting negative news about your brand
  • Copying your website content and publishing it all over the internet
  • Hacking your website
  • Publishing bad reviews about your business in various reviewing website

How to detect your website get effected with Negative SEO

1.Set up a Google search consoles email alerts, google will email you when your website has any threat like:

  • Website is affected with any malware
  • Website pages are not indexed
  • Any Server Issue
  • Update you about any penalty
  1. Set and Install website security features

Your Website is insecure without any updated security features, hackers are always looking for this opportunity to attack your website and get it down from the competition. There are various methods to secure your website:

  • Migrate your website to secure HTTPS
  • Create 2 step password verification
  • Update your CMS, If available
  • Use website shield and web application firewall
  1. Check for Duplicate Content

This is most common spamming technique spammers are doing. They mostly copied your website content publish it in several place. There is a chance of get penalized by search engines and ultimately loss in ranking.

  1. Check for social media mention

Spammers also use to create fake social media account in the name your business. Check for these accounts, try to remove them by reporting them as spam before they are getting followers.

If you are sure your websites is getting down in search and couldn’t find the right answer for this. Then this is the best time to opt for any search engine optimization expert before you lose whole of your business.

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