What Is HTTPS? and It’s Impact on SEO

What Is HTTPS? and It's Impact on SEO

Back in last year august google officially announced that transferring your website from http to https would give some boost in the ranking.

As google is the only place where websites are struggling to get the ranking and after the update every one started transferring their website from http to https. But the biggest question is here how transferring would impact the ranking of the website and why google suggested us to transfer.

Impact of HTTPS In Website

Its all depending on if you are the website audience or you are owing your own website, a good website experience require third party trusted encryption. In order to implement https to your website it is important to know how to fix the https perfectly into the website.

The secure https was developed in order to provide authorization and give secure experience of doing any transaction through the website. The exchange of the secure digital information must be secure in order to prevent access from unauthorized sources. HTTPS makes it possible. In many ways https is similar to http as it is also following the same protocol rules.

Impact of HTTPS In SEO

It is known and common to everyone is that website having https is secures to use and do any transaction. This is because user is known that their shared information’s are secured with extra level of encryption. As because of this people taking decision for any kind of involvement with the website and doing activities like purchasing. This gives ranking signals to google and ultimately the website start ranking.

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