What is Hero, Hub, Hygiene content

YouTube came up with this model content strategy as part of their playbook for brands using the video-sharing site. The simple premise is that your campaign should consist of three types of content: Hero, Hub and Hygiene.

✔️Hero content: this is your big-ticket, probably expensive-to-produce, featured content which aims to tap directly into your audience’s passions. It’s designed to be shared widely and bring new viewers to your content.

✔️Hub content: this is your regularly scheduled content. It develops the shared passion between you and your audience, developing themes and driving subscriptions to your content. This is what keeps your audience coming back to your content once they’ve discovered it.

✔️Hygiene content: this is helpful, informative content which targets search terms that your audience might be using. It also brings new viewers to your content, but in a slower, more steady way than Hero content.

So there are two forms of content designed to bring new viewers to you (Hero and Hygiene) and one form which aims to keep viewers engaged with your content over the medium to long term (Hub content).

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