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If you’re looking to increase your fans and engagement with the ones you already have (remember, it’s not enough to get someone to like you and your page—you need to continually convince them to stay), below are six tips that will help you stay hooked and relevant in the news feeds of your fans

1.Content should be accompanied with photos

Spicing up your posts on Facebook by adding photos will encourage people to spend that extra second looking and reading. The photo should be relevant to whatever you’re writing, but don’t stress nor spend much time thinking about which one to use – learning what works best for you and your audience comes in time.

2.Stay hooked with trends

Tapping into trending topics and discussions that is relevant to your ideal fanbase will encourage a good trail of engagement, and online footprints. If some major event that your fans care about is happening – the World Cup for example – make sure you comment on it somehow. It isn’t terribly important what you say (a joke, how shocked you are, etc.), as long as you’re in on the discussion.

3.Create an atmosphere of interaction between you and your fans

As humans we feel good to be part of a good course, correspondingly people like being asked their opinion; especially if they know it it’s really going to mean something. They love sharing their wisdom, and it makes them feel like they’re really a part of the whole thing, not just a fan. Thus Asking them questions and feedbacks will go a long way

4.Diversify your content flow

Avoid posting same topics and content flow as it will make your Facebook page seem boring and that serve as a good recipe to getting ignored, removed from a feed, or to have someone “unlike” you. Try to change it up as often as you can. Diversity makes everything more interesting!

5.Avoid the flooding rule

Uploading images and content on Facebook gives an advantage, but bombarding your audience by flooding your page with series of content at short intervals is a big turn off and may lead to people unfollowing you or missing out on some.  It’s important to act in a way that’s in tandem with what your fans are doing, hence staggering how and when you share them could increase engagement. Don’t throw them all out at once for people to miss!

6.Update your Info

After capturing your fans’ attention in their News Feeds, you’ll want to make sure that you provide them with all the information they need on your actual page. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a few seconds updating this could do you a lot of good.

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