Dealing with tough clients in sales in inevitable.

You will never learn to swim in the deep end if you haven’t conquered the shallow end

  1. Remember to always be calm & choose your words carefully! Body language the right communication skills are essential. It is how you portray the benefit and values of your service that has the power to close the deal!
  1. Be specific in details and acknowledge where the client is coming from. We have to understand the client’s perspectives and needs. Be confident in your services and understand the problem the client is facing and how you can help overcome them.
  1. Use measurables when you can, but most importantly. don’t guarantee anything to the client you not 500% sure of! False promised will never end well in the field of sales!
  1. Don’t be scared: Let go of fear! It is important to stay confident in yourself and your services, the client can tell if you don’t believe in the services you are providing. Remember they are also only human and anger and frustration are completely normal, so what is the point of being afraid of a natural human reaction?
  1. Be honest: Don’t go into a meeting with the mentality as if you can fix anything and everything. It is important to be completely honest with the client as your reputation and your company’s reputation is at line. Saying things like “ we guarantee an increase in revenue by 30%” is a bad idea!

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