facebook ads
Both Google Adwords & Facebook ads are two completely different marketing tactics. Google Adwords is important for displaying ads in Google Search, whereas Facebook ads are important for Social engagement and directing traffic to your site from Facebook. They are both used for very different purposes. Facebook Ads are great for hyper targeting, and retargeting...
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Facebook Advertising Vs Twiiter Advertising
Selecting Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads depends on your product or service. Also, your budget, targeting, goal matters too. Before recommending anything, I will give you some basic information on both the platforms. Let’s start! Twitter ads are an extremely useful tool but is definitely NOT an advertising channel you can use primarily for conversions....
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Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising allows you to reach user based on goegraphic location, age, gender and interests – instead of what they are searching for. An average Facebook advertising costs less than search based advertising, and it offers a greater value to campaign goals. Facebook advertising offers an opportunity for brands, products and services to get their...
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