SMS marketing is to grow your own list through campaigns promoted to your targeted audience .In 2018 there are more marketing channels so choosing the right method for your business can be difficult so sms marketing plays an important role.

Sending SMS online has become one of the most effective marketing platforms due to open rates of 98%, high conversion and the ability to boost other channels

Send an SMS with your brand name e.g your company name. Sender ID Message can be sent in Arabic or in English or other language

Send single or in bulk up to millions can be sent in one click sms will help you out to Our powerful technology platform can handle all your business needs, and our APIs integrate seamlessly   with your IT applications.

Bulk SMS Services Are trusted by the best we use sms marketing

Engagement is Immediate: Within moments of sending an SMS campaign, recipients’ phones will light up with a notification. Although this seems insignificant, 90% of text messages are read   within 3 seconds. Pretty   crazy, right? So, you better believe that notification is a big dea

People Trust Text Messages:90% of SMS messages are read within 3 seconds, but even that pales in comparison to the overall open rate, which is an astounding 98%.

SMS Marketing is Mobile-Friendly: In today’s culture, people are on the move and cell phones are always with us. Why not harness that phenomenon to build better relationships with your   customers?

Campaigns Using SMS are Cost-Effective: SMS is one of the most affordable ways to communicate with customers

 How to create and implement a successful SMS marketing campaign

It’s budget-friendly

It gets your customers to act

It hits the mark

SMS is old but not outdated will be able to leverage messaging technology to truly engage users in one-to-one marketing and real time support scenarios

sms will help you out Text messages are limited by character count. Think of this as a blessing and not a curse. Say what you need to say in as few characters as you can. If you don’t use all of the characters, even better

Always provide value. Your customers opt in to receive texts because they see the value in receiving them. If you stop providing incentives, customers may opt out

Don’t intrude. If you text too frequently or if your texts are repetitive, customers may begin to see your texts as a burden. When the cost outweighs the benefits, they’ll opt out.

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