What is a Design Brief?

A design brief is a document created by both the designer and the client describing the design work that needs to be done, usually prepared by the design companies or designers. It enables you to outline what you’d like in your website, and for the designer to prompt a more technical aspect of creativity.  It could be an informal one-page or it can be a detailed one describing the main requirement of the project.

Design brief will help define goals, avoid misunderstanding, set standards and act as a reference point for both client and agency.

What Does a Good Design Brief Contain?

  • Purpose and objectives of your website
  • Target audience of your website
  • Your competitors and their websites
  • Your position in the market / competitive advantage
  • Reference websites that you like
  • Elements that you require in your website
  • Fonts & Color scheme that you’d like to use
  • Sitemap / Navigation that you’d like to use

Why a Design Brief is So Important?

A good design brief will save you lots of time in terms of unnecessary emails, calls and meetings. The constant communication required when you don’t have a clear design brief in place. It also helps you get quotes to compare from different design companies and designers, and also, they can provide you with a specific proposal as per the clients brief.

The format of the brief is of utmost importance & needs to be simple and easy to read, Hence it must contain all the required information related to project and be accessible to both the parties online.

From a designer’s point of view, design brief shows the clear vision of the clients project scope.

From a clients’s point of view, design brief contains the clear expectations from the designer or design agency and what they need to deliver.

TIP:  For a successful webdesign projects a design brief is of great Importance and manadtory

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