In the digital marketing world, there are many terms which are commonly used. It’s is very important to be aware of at least few of such terminologies, even if you are not directly related to digital marketing, as these terms are slowly creeping in our day to day life. And going forward the world is getting digitized in all spheres.

Digital marketers love to throw such jargon which may leave you in bewildered moments. But not anymore, go through the few most commonly used terms below with brief & make yourself equipped to face experts from Digital marketing world at least to some extent!! Here you go:-

Audience – people you want to reach out for your product/service.

Brand awareness – To make people know about your company and its products

Competitive analysis – it helps you learn from your competitors aka competitor monitoring.

Distribution channels – the ways in which digital marketing messages are delivered: social media, email, blogs, forums, etc.

Engagement- Engagement means likes, replies, and shares on social media. High engagement means that people are reacting to your content & that your social marketing efforts are working,

Funnel (Marketing) – Steps from capturing leads to conversions.

Goals – what you want to achieve from your digital marketing exercise.

#Hashtags – refers to conversations around a common theme.

Influencer marketing – promotions by industry leaders to promote your brand.

Keywords – word or group of words which peoples use in their search queries to find what they are looking for online.

Livestreaming – broadcasting live videos to people through internet

Monitoring – tracking of each of your steps/stages during digital marketing journey.

Nurturing – keeping the lead engaged from enquiry stage till conversion stage.

Optimization – to get the most out of content, landing pages, emails, apps, and ads.

PageRank – position of search result on search engine result page.

Query (Search) – The term(s) entered into a search engine (like google) by anyone.

ROI – % of profit from a particular digital marketing activity.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – process of improving position of your content on search engine page organically.

Tag: Sort of digital marketer to categorize content by subject.

User experience – overall experience of users while using any website/application

Viral – piece of content passed by person to person over internet.

White Hat – ethical digital marketing.

Yelp – A social review platform where one can leave reviews for businesses.

Hope you are little equipped with few of the digital trends & terms now. These terms are explained from the point of view of a common person. For more technical definitions for these terms you may refer: –

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