Google Ads Works

Google Ads !! Does it really works?

YES, IT DOES! Here are awesome ways to use Google AdWords to grow your business… Planning Stage Keyword Research Keyword research is...
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Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

Why is online marketing perform better than offline marketing?

In other words, we are discussing why Digital / Online / Internet marketing is preferred over the Traditional / Offline Marketing …...
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By adding more Hashtags to your photos, Can you get more Instagram followers?

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of Instagram hashtags. It plays an essential role in expanding your Instagram reach, and it helps you...
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Social Media Guidelines and Rules

What advertisements are not allowed on Facebook, instagram or other social media?

Facebook prohibits a bunch of categories from advertising on their platform at all, these include: Illegal products/services Tobacco Drugs or drug-related products...
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Content for Lead Generation

What is the best Content Strategy that generates leads?

Content is the key for most digital marketing strategies of attraction or inbound marketing; It is the expression of the essence of...
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Is SEO better or PPC?

Is SEO better or PPC?

SEO and PPC, both are the best. The best way to get the maximum amount of traffic and the maximum potential customers is...
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How To Use Social Media for Lead Generation in Dubai

How can Social Media Marketing help generate leads for real estate agents?

You want to find a way to make more money from Social Media Marketing as a real estate agent but don’t know...
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YouTube TrueView for Action Campaigns

How YouTube TrueView for Action Campaigns can help increase my business ?

YouTube Video Ads definitely works!! You just need to make sure that you approach it with the right expectations. YouTube is typically...
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Radio Advertising Dubai

Does Radio Advertising Works?? What are the advantages of Radio advertising?

The business is rapidly evolving and so is the craze for promoting ones brand, products and services through the help of the...
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How can I decide if Google Adwords and Facebook advertising are both good for our company at the same time?

Both Google Adwords & Facebook ads are two completely different marketing tactics. Google Adwords is important for displaying ads in Google Search,...
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Facebook Advertising Vs Twiiter Advertising

Would you prefer Twitter Advertising or Facebook Advertising for your Company?

Selecting Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads depends on your product or service. Also, your budget, targeting, goal matters too. Before recommending anything,...
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Programmatic Advertising Dubai

What’s the difference between DSP/SSP and mobile ad networks?

What’s the difference between DSP/SSP and mobile ad networks? The advertising network is a centralized source for inventory – there is no...
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