March 2019
Both Google Adwords & Facebook ads are two completely different marketing tactics. Google Adwords is important for displaying ads in Google Search, whereas Facebook ads are important for Social engagement and directing traffic to your site from Facebook. They are both used for very different purposes. Facebook Ads are great for hyper targeting, and retargeting...
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Facebook Advertising Vs Twiiter Advertising
Selecting Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads depends on your product or service. Also, your budget, targeting, goal matters too. Before recommending anything, I will give you some basic information on both the platforms. Let’s start! Twitter ads are an extremely useful tool but is definitely NOT an advertising channel you can use primarily for conversions....
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Programmatic Advertising Dubai
What’s the difference between DSP/SSP and mobile ad networks? The advertising network is a centralized source for inventory – there is no need to buy on sites separately. There are different types of mobile ad networks. One of them is a vertical ad network. It works transparently: placement information is available to the advertiser. Such...
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As social media have grown in popularity, so too has the importance of building an effective social media marketing strategy. Social media has made it easy to reach people worldwide but that doesn’t necessarily translate to connecting with them. To have a successful social media strategy, it’s essential to plan meticulously, and stick to your...
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Linkedin Advertising
Ever since Microsoft bought LinkedIn, its changed and got better and better. If we compare it to any other platforms, I’d say that LinkedIn right now is like Facebook was few years ago. You can see engagement, views, conversions, communication via direct messages. There’s a lot going on! LinkedIn continues to grow as a platform...
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SMS Marketing
Ramadan is the season of giving; so why not send your customers an SMS gift for Eid al-Fitr? 91% of adults keep their mobiles within arms-reach and digital coupons are easily stored which increases the likelihood of redemption. A small gift such as, “10% off your next purchase”, can go a long way in maintaining...
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Lead Generation
No business can survive in the long term without using a few lead generation strategies. Yes, you can maybe survive with referrals and word of mouth marketing (which are also lead generation strategies!) and even land an enterprise customer or two, but to grow and sustainably grow, you need to adopt lead generation strategies into...
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Email Marketing Dubai
Since its beginning, email marketing have been a great medium to communicate business messages, acting as an official mode to connect the business community. Emails became substantially popular in the mid 1970s with the rise of computers to send out digital messages. Email inbox is the first thing that anyone checks after entering their respective...
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SMSMarketing for Retail Sales
A retail  business generally owned and operated by a retailer but sometimes owned and operated by a manufacturer or by someone other than a retailer in which merchandise is sold primarily to ultimate consumers. SMS marketing & Mobile Marketing is hugely popular amongst retailers for staying in touch with customers. SMS marketing can be used...
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target audience in social media
Almost half of online campaigns don’t reach their target audience, showing the struggle many brands face to target effectively through digital, according to a research. Know your audience first before jumping into any kind of social & Digital marketing! #EDS #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #instagram #dubai#digitalmarketing #digitalmarketer #socialmediamarketing #seo #adwords#smsmarketing #emailmarketing #pushnotification
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